Monday, October 31, 2011

Paper the Walls

Plum Orchard is a mansion on Cumberland Island, built in 1898 as a wedding gift for George Lauder Carnegie and his wife Margaret Thaw. It is actually Georgia's largest historic home. And oddly enough, there are no plums grown on Cumberland Island. 

Anyway, in the 1960's the house was given to the national park service as a gift from the Carnegie family, along with several other tracts of land in it's transition into a national park and seashore. The park service owns and operates the mansion today. It is open to the public and a wonderful gem to explore on the island. 

I love old houses, specifically for all the details of design. Still preserved on the walls, are the beautiful, faded wallpapers from the turn of the century.

I love all the intricate details in these papers. They are so soft and delicate in design. 

Here is the handwritten signature of the man who installed the original wallpaper, almost 120 years ago. This was uncovered while doing renovation work a couple years ago. 

Did you know there are actually wallpaper historians out there? And a wallpaper history society? Well, sign me up!

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