Monday, September 26, 2011

Here We Go...

Hey Y'all! I am SO super excited to start this blog. Why? Well, I am a photographer for one. I take lots of pictures and I need to start sharing them with the world. Secondly, I live in a pretty cool place that not too many people know about. Combine the two and you have lots of great pictures living on the hard drive of my computer, like sitting ducks. I take pride in my creative expression (my photography), so here I am, and here this is, as a way to showcase my work.

Welcome to Life Out of the Ordinary, a blog of photographs and stories about my life. As unordinary as my life may be, I love every minute of it. I have to give credit to my partner-in-crime, best friend, and boyfriend Greg who came up with the name for this new endeavor of mine. We're in this wonderful life together exploring God's green earth as much as we humanly can.

I've decided to only post one picture at a time so I can explain the meaning behind it. I hope to post several times a week, so keep checking back. I have a multitude of pictures I need to share and continue to take more every week.

Let's begin...shall we?

Rookery, Front Yard. 

I live on Cumberland Island, the largest, most southernmost island off the Georgia coast. It has a rich cultural history, which I will explain in upcoming posts, but for now just know that about 90% of the island is a national park. The only place of business on the island is a private inn (where I work) and the rest is a national seashore and wilderness area. That said, I live in a pretty remote environment, but I get to experience firsthand the wonderful intricacies of the natural world.  I call them "National Geographic Moments." They usually average once a day, and only sometimes am I lucky enough to have access to a camera. 

This is just one example of the aforementioned moment. This was taken from the front yard of the house I live in. Below this nestling of birds is a small pond where fish, frogs, insects and even alligators call home. Every night around sundown these white birds (I believe they are some species of an egret or heron) flock to this one tree, sit, and squawk for hours. If it weren't for the mosquitos, I could sit right there and watch them like I were watching a sitcom on TV. They are SO cool! I wish I had video of it, but the whole time they are bickering at one another, pushing each other of branches, picking at one another and being extremely vocal. Yes, they look calm and serene in the picture, but these birds have some serious drama y'all.

The cloudy effect is from my camera sitting in my lovely air-conditioned room and then transported into the sticky, hot, South Georgia air. My lens was fogged, but I love the effect. This is the my homemade Instagram people, because I don't got one of them fancy Iphones yet. 

Well, that's all for now folks. Tune in next time. :) 

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  1. well, it's about time! I look forward to reading more! Even 'pinned' you on pinterest.
    Aunt Nancy


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